Brian Fogg


Design is more than just how something looks, it is deeper than that. Design is how it works. Design is how it makes you feel.     Design is interaction.

Based in Vancouver, Washington I specialize in designing Modern Industrial style furniture. Since studying Design at California State University in Long Beach, I have garnered a wide gamut of skills from concept generation, 3D Modeling/Rendering, to Design-Engineering.

Starting with design concepts through research and sketches, I take ideas and mold them in Solidworks and Blender where I can dissect, iterate, and improve. Producing fully realized 3D renderings and production ready shop drawings, I am able to turn a simple idea into a reality.

I have many designs for highly reputable companies including Travis Mathew, LuxBus, and Spec Ceramic. Each receiving one of a kind pieces and designs that empower their brand.  

I am available for commissioned design and production work, big and small.